Simple past song

Simple past song


A tense is when you change a verb according to the time.

  1. Verb tense
  2. Gramatical tense

Verb tensesEdit

The verb changes according to the time, there are different type of verbs; For example the verb "play" can become "played" as you can see I just added -ed. (Regular verbs)

  • Regular verbs (played, talked, watched)
  • Irregular verbs (ate, became, swam, bought)

Grammatical TenseEdit

  • Present tense
    • Simple present  (I study English everyday)
    • Present continuous tense (present progressive tense) (I am studying English at the moment)
    • Present perfect  (I have studied English in several countries)
    • Present perfect continuous  (I have been studied English for 10 years)
  • Past tense
    • Simple plast  (Yesterday, I studied French)
    • Past continuous  (past progressive) (I was studying Math when you called me)
    • Past perfect (I had studied Spanish before I moved to Guadalajara)
    • Past perfect continuous (I had been studying Italian for five years before I moved to Europe)
  • Future tense
    • Simple future (I am going to study Esperanto next year)
    • Future continuous (future progressive tense) (I will be studying Italian when you arrive tonight)
    • Future perfect (I am going to have studied every tense by the time I finish this course)
    • Future perfect continuous  (I will have been studying English for over two hours by the time you arrive)