AlchemistXYZ is a seudonym of a big man, a man that has so much desires and future plans. An unstoppable entity that wants a different world, a new born world. 

Early daysEdit

The early days of this bastard was far too raw for the average people; because of this his attitude and way of thinking was caved very deep from the rest of the mortals.

Actual daysEdit

Nowadays he works as an infiltrated on a very prestigious institute... prestigious for its expensive cuotes and and poor network services: Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales.

The little Alchemist is expecting the day of all the days: the day that everyone's life will change.

Future plansEdit

As he says every day - As impossible is to change the world's every person life a the same time because of that some changes have to be made. It's all about perspective nothing is big or small, hot or cold or good or bad... everybody or "nobody".

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